That One Thing

Julie Powell in her famous blog “The Julie/Julia Project” (which was later made into a movie by the name Julie & Julia) quotes, “If a large meteor was heading towards earth and I had 30 days to live, I’d spend it eating butter!”.

There is something about butter which makes it so irresistible. If you think carefully, every delicious and extra-yumm dish doled out of any kitchen must have a lot of butter in it (as Julie puts it!). I love butter; to be honest I come from a family of butter-lovers. My grandpa used to have clotted cream (malai in Hindi) with sugar like a snack almost everyday, and my mum is often found eyeing the tiniest iota of cream left on the sides of a milk bowl even now! To top it all, I think the fun in eating cream is a million times more when no one’s watching you eat or lick it. Reminds me of Lord Krishna as I write this, and perhaps His stories are not all a figment of our imagination! 

But I digress. 
For this post, I thought I’d pick that one ingredient/object which helps add an extra zing to any chosen aspect of my life. Like butter for food. Chocolates for my mood. An orange chinos for my wardrobe. Claire’s Daisy clips for my accessories. And in general, laughter of my loved ones on any given day!

What is that one thing that adds a zing to your daily routine, in any aspect of your life? Do share, I’d love to know!

Love Lost

she ran her fingers through
the shimmering water
breaking the lake into
ripples, as if laughter;
she caught a glimpse of
the reflections flashed
making her long to say 
what’s in her heart, unabashed;
she stood alone, waiting
by the tiny brook
to capture him in 
what could be a last look;
she walked over to
the bench by the side
and calmly held her face
in her hands and she cried.