Welcome to the Blog of The152Girl!

If you are wondering what significance does the number bear in my name, please wander over to the page ‘Why 152?‘ to read the full story!

I also go by the name Ramya; a name my very loving parents chose based on another story they read back then. So, looks like we love stories a lot here!

I’m an amateur doodler, stationery hoarder, fervent scribbler, dreamer, chatty chai-lover, a long-time (dormant but trying to be active now) blogger.

And here lie my thoughts, rants, and doodles about all things that make up my blessed life! Happy scrolling and I hope you enjoy your time here!

we are all moving at our own pace!
from the post: coffee confusion

all these hand-drawn circa 2016

always a fav!

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The Berlin Rain

Jun 5, 2012

Penned on the evening of my first visit to Berlin, in 2012


Mar 13, 2009

Who does she remind you of?

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What San Sebastian Taught Me About Life

A travelogue about my first visit to Spain, with a few of my oldest and dearest friends!


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