*_+ Written in one breath, I suppose this could give an insight into how my brain prioritises, although I claim these are things I LikeLoveAdore not necessarily in the same order!

Ah, so here goes.

I  LikeLoveAdore:

Smell of new books

Collecting souvenirs

Reading philosophy


Antique decors

Red Wine

Going for walks with my husband

Practicing Yoga


Watching movies

(& have been in love with!) Shahrukh Khan

Colours red and pink

Stationery items

Blue jeans



Visiting spas

Chatting with my friends

Vintage stuff

Indian festivals (all of them!)

Being called ‘kiddo’ & ‘princess’


Clicking food

Troubling my brother



Soft pillows

Watching Sunset

Star gazing

Solving crosswords

Playing Blitz on my phone


Writing letters

Planning surprises


Silver jewelry




Tell me some of yours! 🙂

4 thoughts on “LikeLoveAdore!”

  1. Love everything on this list as much! Except ‘Long walks with my husband’ doesnt apply to me yet, but i know it will eventually when I get there! 😉 Best on the list – adoring SRK(i firmly believe that’s where our friendship started, besides our shared love for London); and being called ‘Princess’ or ‘Kiddo’, my nicks are very similar but in Hindi – ‘rani’ and ‘choti'(My brother is 5 10′ so for him I am choti despite being 5 7’


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