On a whim one evening, I decided to list down all the little and big things I dream of doing on that ever-elusive ‘someday’, in the hope that it will act as a reminder every time I log onto this blog that I should always keep enough space in my life for the tiniest of my dreams, the littlest of heart’s wishes!

After all, ‘time will present itself if there is a will to want to do something.’ And, if there is space, there is always time!

So, here goes:

  1. Write a book
  2. Travel to Iceland
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Take a full-fledged course on Yoga
  5. Dance on stage
  6. Take salsa lessons (with my husband)
  7. Visit a winery
  8. Not use the internet for a whole day
  9. Read a book in three days
  10. Stay logged out of Facebook / Twitter for a week
  11. Have my writing published – in a newspaper & a magazine
  12. Read all of Sherlock Holmes stories
  13. Re-learn Kuchipudi / Learn Kathak
  14. Be able to run 5km at a stretch
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Have (at least) 10 hand-made decors in the house
  17. Learn one foreign language fluently
  18. Ride on a hot-air balloon
  19. Make a snowman
  20. Learn how to make cheesecakes
  21. Read all of William Shakespeare
  22. Go around the world in a day
  23. Meet Shahrukh Khan
  24. Watch SRK perform live
  25. Learn VBA coding
  26. Learn to play one musical instrument
  27. Sing on stage / Karaoke
  28. Swim in the sea
  29. Not watch television for a day
  30. Learn to wear make-up
  31. Raise / own a dog
  32. Work as an editor
  33. Work abroad
  34. Kiss atop Eiffel Tower
  35. Get nail art


  1. Samjoth says:

    this is interesting..!! 🙂


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