PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday to Hampi

From Rome last week, we travel to another land standing tall in its ruins, in India for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday photo. The place holds a special place in my heart for its gorgeous views & monuments and of course, the million memories that I packed into my time there. This post is dedicated to these amazing set of friends I have, how much I adore their presence in my life and just how much I miss them here!

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as a Group of Monuments. You may read more about it here.




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My Mumbai Trip

When I finally arrived in Mumbai, I wondered more about the terrible wait of more than 6 hours at the airport to get to Mumbai in one piece than those two years for which this visit kept getting postponed. I had an excuse every time to not go to Mumbai, but suddenly a few weeks back, none came to my mind. I felt the time was right, most appropriate and well, I could almost hear Mumbai calling me!

I have stepped on Mumbai streets once before, but it was more of a transit than a visit. Shruti took me to Juhu Beach, and although I found it rather clean and quiet – it was 8am when we went there – a lot of people point out that Juhu Beach is messier than slums of Mumbai. Really?

It rained heavily a day before I reached Mumbai. I was given the credit of bringing some sunshine to Mumbai, as raindrops suddenly decided to hold themselves back for the 3 days that I was there. Of course, I stole the sunshine back the moment I took off – or so Shruti claims!

I must admit though, that I hardly saw the city and explored any of its chaos. Within the little time that I had, I could do little things like gaping at the Hiranandani’s buildings, shopping-till-we-dropped with best friend, travelling for exactly fifteen minutes in the Mumbai Local Train, breathing the air that passes through the Western Ghats, gaping at skyscrapers one after the other (it was funny the way I bent to see them sitting in the car as though I had never seen one before!), treating myself to some very delicious food, getting stuck in the Bandra traffic jam etc. And of course, I also met two very dear friends, and made enough time for a few others that I had intended to meet. It was a trip that cannot be called anything less than awesome!

A long list of things-to-do-when-in-Mumbai still remains, and I am sure the next time I visit this city, I will cross a few off.
So, here’s a small plan; why don’t you help me out with my list! Let me know what you think one should definitely do when in Mumbai. So far, I have included these:
  • Visit Gateway of India
  • Visit (and click) the Taj
  • Visit Café Leopold
  • Watch sunset at Marine Drive
  • Do street-shopping
  • Experience a day outside BSE
  • Spot celebrity mansions – Shahrukh’s in particular
  • Gorge on Moti Mahal’s Veg Kebab platter
  • Eat Natural icecream
  • Leave footprints on every beach
What do you think I missed out?