For The Last Time…

This is a good news to declare to everyone. I am on the brink of writing the last three-hour final examination (popularly called as Comprees in some part of the country and Externals somewhere else!) of my life. We’ve all had our share of waiting for this D-Day, and aloha, here it is for me! So, although a bit nostalgic about it somewhere within, the excitement is overpowering and it is definitely a moment to savour!
Needless to mention, with exams ending, the day tomorrow also brings the end of the long academic journey I embarked on at the age of 3! It is overwhelming to think of it that way. I Learnt and Un-learnt many things. But, this post is not to tell you about the serious and sentimental stuff (that’ll bring an unnecessary halt to my last night-out preparation!); so, I am going to do what I logged on to do.  
As a tribute to all those days and nights of exam-preparation, tension, lectures, professors-teachers alike, techhy classrooms, out-of-syllabus incomprehensible questions, really weird invigilators, and to all those wandering imaginative brilliant minds — suited to the occasion, here are five of my most favourite from the world of Calvin and Hobbes:

No one does it better than him; I am sure you agree! Cheers!


  1. Saaketh says:

    you missed the recess bell strip, nevertheless thanks for bringing a smile on my face early in the morning 🙂


  2. Rahul says:

    I read this and I was like.. oh, is she still in BITS?! I guess it hasn't been that long.. made me feel a lot younger.. but then, I realized they're called “externals” now.. so where are you exactly?


  3. RAMYA says:

    @Rahul – Am a big girl now! Hehe, almost finished my MBA too, at ICFAI B School here in Hyd. You are Rahul Misra?


  4. Rahul says:

    Yup, that's me!


  5. Pranav says:

    Hey Ramya, the 2nd last C&H strip is really funny!!


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