Blog: Update – 2

It kills me to write after so long. But, every time I have sat in front of my laptop to write, I found myself at a loss of words. Not only words, even ideas. Nothing interested me long enough to write about. And although I have titled this post as “Update 2” there is hardly anything that I’m updating you with this time. 

It is called “Update 2” simply because my earlier post talks about a series of updates that I was to write for my readers telling them about what all is/was happening in my life – thoughts and incidents that I wished to share with people through this blog. But I suppose there was so much happening around me that I missed a beat somewhere and lost myself. 

I am typing this out sitting in office. I am waiting for the clock to tick so I can catch my cab and go home. After a day’s work (and incessant rain), when sunlight shines through the clouds and makes its way inside through the tiny gaps between the blinds it brings along a feeling of pure ‘niceness’. A friend finds this term completely ‘fb-ish’ or ‘internet-y’, but I couldn’t find a word better suited to my mood right now. It makes me feel that I can go back to doing all those things that somehow got put on hold, and that the emptiness will slowly find itself filling again. 

I was listening to Norah Jones’ Seven Years this afternoon. Perhaps you too should – Seven Years

P.S. I must tell you the ‘updates’ series ends with this post. Tomorrow shall be a new day, a new post and a new beginning.

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