Birthdays This Year

She celebrated hers with elan. He filled his day with all of his favourite music.
She wore her favourite pink kurta over a pair of lovely blue jeans. She spent a great deal of time, or so she claims, pampering herself in front of the mirror. Along with a sumptuous lunch meal that she cooked at home – which consisted of Matar Pulao, Gravy and Raita – she also baked a simple Vanilla cake and distributed in the apartment. Then, she went to bring her son back from his coaching classes and on the way home, they both stopped by for a round of chocolate-dripping pastries at a bakery. She spent the rest of the early evening reading some magazines and attending calls. But the celebrations did not stop right there. Around 5.30pm, she went to her friend’s place, who lives on a different floor in the same apartment and casually took her out for coffee at Cafe Coffee Day. After placing the orders, she announced to her friend with a bit of innocence and twinkle in her eye, that it was her birthday and that it was her treat!
Completely taken aback, her friend wished her a life full of happiness and joy in fewer words and many emotions; both teary-eyed, as they recalled while narrating the incident to me, came home in all smiles!
His was no less exciting so to say. He stayed up till late night following the first match of IPL-4 till the very last ball. He rejoiced at the fantastic win of the team led by MS, as also quickly caught up on the news flowing in about Crusade against Corruption led by Anna Hazare that has taken the country on its heels. He retired to bed, however, eagerly (and quite innocently I’d say) waiting for the first call of his day. With great joy, he picked my call at dot-12 and engaged in a witty-wise-and-funny conversation that is his forte. And when morning came, he was literally jumping about the home ecstatic at receiving his birthday present. His son was trying to show him the features of his new Nano iPod but he was simply overjoyed at the thought of listening to all his favourite NTR songs at the click of his thumb! He spent the next one hour learning how to use, loading music, checking all the new-age features – and well, the rest of the day, simply playing and re-playing his favourite musical pieces!
I guess birthdays are like that. It is that day of the year that suddenly brings to you joys unknown, from near and far, and fills your life with cheer and enthusiasm to take on another year. And more than this, it makes you a child again – allowing to enjoy yourself thoroughly and happily!
I say that with so much confidence because my parents did just that on their fiftieth birthdays this year! 🙂

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  1. nishant says:

    🙂 age is not a barrier towards how one behaves in life.. !Good for u to share with us..


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