Love of Food!

I never label myself as a foodie. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest (just to be clear!) I’d rate myself a 4.5-5 when it comes to food and eating. Its not that I don’t enjoy food. For all you know, I spend forty-five minutes per meal in a day and I am mostly known as that kid in the family who when made to sit with all the other kids and served first, will still finish eating with all the oldies in the final round! I am not proud of it, but it is one of those facts of life! 

Yet, I have unfailingly opened myself to the idea expanding the horizon of my taste buds, of late. Yep, you can blame London for it. Me, the new London-o-phile you see!

And the Food God has been quite nice to me so far. I have tried Mediterranean, Italian (not Pizzas!), Mexican, Thai, a few Salads and Soups, and a bit of Japanese, Korean & Chinese (yumm dumplings!) and of course, I do try out the Englishised Indian food (as my colleague ASP puts it!) from time to time.

I think food really opens you up to a new culture. And learning about food habits, trying out the cuisine of a new place tells a great deal about the people and the traditions there. Of course I must admit I have had the English breakfast, per se, only once, hence I cannot claim I have understood England and its eccentricities all very well, however, I would definitely say food is one magical element in life that can break all barriers, quite effortlessly!

Oh btw, I find fried mushrooms and hash browns with Heinz the best parts of an English breakfast and I love the fact that almost all of an English breakfast is fried even more! Quite unlike land of healthy-steamy-Idly-breakfast that I belong to!    

The chewy Tofu Yakisoba:

The Grand Thai Buffet:

The so-called English Breakfast:
Someday, I will order a Full Monty to claim I have understood England!

Chinese – Dumplings are really nice, esp the steamed ones! 

Mexican – Las Iguanas’ Mushroom Fajitas are the best! You must try when you get a chance.
And oh, Fruits are delightful – esp when used to flavour yoghurts! I clicked this at a restaurant while waiting for my order.

Well, so I will just leave you with one thought: Bon Appetit!


  1. Food glorious Food


  2. pratyush says:

    Bon Appetit 😛

    Nice clicks 🙂


  3. deedee says:

    sigh…now for a chance to roam the food streets of London with you.


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