Time For Yourself

I thought it’s good to post about what I think can be a good idea to spend your time on, on lazy weekends. Because, these are few of the things that I did today, and considering I feel quite chirpy and cheerful now, these can be my recommendations to the readers of this blog.  
Read a cheerful happy book like one of these (or any other) at a coffee shop:
Watch TBBT’s snippets on Youtube, esp the one on Friendship Algorithm!

And if none of those work, 
Just sit by the bedroom window and stare:
It is important to spend a slice of time, at least every week, to do an activity that you like. I often go for walks, in the big beautiful parks here and reflect on my life, think about my friends and family, think about my work and every tiny detail attached to my life. Some bring a smile, some pour out a longing, and some leave behind a restless feeling; but in a nut shell the quiet time that I do spend, just sitting by myself, helps distill out the unnecessary clutter I collect on my way and helps me put the shine back on.
I have read Eat Pray Love a couple of times and I enjoy revisiting Liz’s journey to finding herself through food and loneliness in Italy, chaos and companionship in India, and love and longing in Bali – the book does what it’s supposed to do best – make me think! I have watched the film on the book Julie & Julia, and my stomach jumps with joy when I look at all those delicious food being shown, written and spoken about in the movie and in the way that every character becomes secondary to the food in every single frame! The Big Bang Theory is the latest entry into the many things I love watching online these days, they are hilarious, they are nerdy and we love them all; watching snippet after snippet only reminds me of geeky friends I have; and if nothing of the above works for me at any point in time, I enjoy sitting with a coffee mug by my bedroom window and staring into the stillness of life outside and after a while my own mind begins to resonate the stillness.

We all have our ways to spend the leisure time we get, and as long as we remember to not while it away in boredom, I think we will be able to keep in touch with our inner self.



  1. So who reminds you of whom from TBBT?


  2. Am reminded of Shi, for some odd reason,whenever I see Leonard – the genuinely nicest guy of all! 😀 The most obvious you can guess, of course. And Raghu is Raj – haha! And well, Naveen fits in Wolowitz's shoes… Hehe!


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