Love Thy Neighbour’s Food

My bowl of pasta looked very tempting! I could smell the garlic and basil from a distance, and couldn’t wait to dig in. Hubby’s creamy ravioli looked as sumptuous but I am more of a tomato sauce fan so, clearly I loved mine more! It tasted even better than its aroma and looks, trust me. By the time we licked the tiramisu off those lovely little dessert jars, we had concluded we ate the best Italian food in a long, long time.

It was perhaps the long walks we took during the day while touring this new city, that added to the flavours in tonight’s dinner, but even half hour later I was certain I had had the best Arrabbiata there! Pizza Pino was inching its way to becoming the delightful discovery of our visit.

Being vegetarians limits our choice of food when roaming around in European cities. Cheese and bread become our best friends! And the numerous cakes and brownies fill our stomachs and waistlines alike. Italian food come as a saviour often. But, good Italian food is hard to come by given how diluted the idea of Italian food becomes as you start moving away from its origins. Anything which has mozzarella, some tomatoes and zucchini baked on a triangular shaped dough becomes a pizza slice, unfortunately.

But not this other place we stumbled upon, on our way back to the hotel the next night. I now fail to recollect its name; it was a jolly, bustling place with tiny tables and cozy chairs around it, and some warm yellow light all around. The food there was delectable too, especially the basket of assorted breads. The steward told us it was being freshly baked inside and the aroma that filled the restaurant vouched for that.

What remained as the highlight of the weekend was all the delicious, spoon-licking food we had! Yes, the Eiffel Tower was majestic and a lot of fun to go up on, and watching Monalisa was surreal, and the Notre Dame Cathedral reminded me how much I love stained glass and its play with light & colours. But, finding such fine Italian food in Paris was indeed the highlight of our breezy visit!

After all, no harm in loving thy neighbours (and their food!)

Amidst all the food cravings, I did manage to capture some amazing sights into my iPhone while in Paris. Sharing three of my most favourites here:

View of the City of Paris from Eiffel Tower
Observing History: The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I & Crowning of Empress Josephine
Stained Glass Windows at Notre Dame Cathedral

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