A Fresh Start

With a pen in her hand She stared at the blank lines Waiting for her thoughts to expand So she could create new rhymes   But they stared right back at her Condensing her thoughts to ice The lines started to become a blur And she began to despise   Tearfully, she looked away And… Continue reading A Fresh Start

The Berlin Rain

Of my first impressions on Berlin...  The neon lights shined on lighting up the streets of Berlin, The cold breeze hit my face, but the raindrops felt like gentle pecks on my skin   Walking on that rusted & wired bridge towards the old station to catch a train I turned to my friend and… Continue reading The Berlin Rain


The twilightpulled the curtain downand pinned itwith a starThe starheld her gaze strongand froze itin a twinkleThe twinklespread till the horizonand brightened itwith a smileThe smiletravelled with the breezeand caressed himwith a kissThe kisslocked their lipsand sealed their bondwith loveThe lovetranscended the finiteand merged itselfinto the twilight


The eyesgazed at the solemnessand lent her a smile;The reflectionsshimmered in the ripplesand grasped her hand;The memoriesplayed from an endless reeland eased her mind;The loveseeped like musical notesand mesmerized her heart;The realisationdawned like an early sunand she stumbled upon her truth;The musehad just breathed into herand unveiled her soul

of Love and Poetry

I spent my Saturday in leisure and love. I read some old poetry while munching on biscuits with tea during early afternoon. It felt quite English, frankly. And really good. Only that I was sitting in my room beside the window and not on some freshly mowed green lawn basking under the sun. Even if… Continue reading of Love and Poetry