A Fresh Start

With a pen in her hand

She stared at the blank lines

Waiting for her thoughts to expand

So she could create new rhymes


But they stared right back at her

Condensing her thoughts to ice

The lines started to become a blur

And she began to despise


Tearfully, she looked away

And her heart ached, like never before

But she knew, she couldn’t leave it astray

And hugged herself with all love & more


Although it had been a couple of years

His ridicule had been detrimental

Gulping down the lumps of tears

She told herself to be kind, to be gentle


And she resolved to begin again

Wiping those tears she gathered her heart

She knew she had to beat the pain

She scribbled hard on the lines: A Fresh Start


She steered away from his words, resonating

And held her hands to the lines, thoughts pouring

Of the vast oceans, blue waters and ships sailing

Of the open skies, white clouds and birds chirping


Suddenly, there came upon a little smile

And her cheeks blushed, lighting up her face

She warmly looked at her hands awhile

She felt they began to regain their grace


She went back to her lines

They no longer looked empty

Now filled with joy and rhymes

That she believed to be poetry


Her heart felt at ease

She had finally won the fight

Oh, how she wanted time to freeze

So she could read and re-read her lines, in utter delight


Smiling at her silliness

She put her pen aside

Having reclaimed her happiness

She felt truly gratified



The Berlin Rain

Of my first impressions on Berlin… 

The neon lights shined on

lighting up the streets of Berlin,

The cold breeze hit my face,

but the raindrops felt like gentle pecks on my skin


Walking on that rusted & wired bridge

towards the old station to catch a train

I turned to my friend and spoke to him

of my thoughts on the Berlin rain


Oh Berlin rain!


Why did you feel like my own

and yet were not mine,

Why did you drench me and run away

only so I’d find solace in a bottle of wine?


So I did drink with gusto that night

laughing and losing behind your pain

Yet you trickled down through my hair

reminding me of your whispers again


I stood by the window, still with my glass

Dim outside, your droplets were on the sill;

I had taken shelter at last, but I missed you

and I wished for another heart for you to fill.