White Bright Morning

I still have a hangover from last night. Of the snow and the snowfall! The confession here is I have never seen snowfall in my life, and that is what makes night of 4th February 2012 so much more exciting. I watched one of my favorite cities in the world get covered under a layer of snow, with flakes the shape of bullet rosettes (I google-d that out to spell the exact shape!) falling from the sky; as if each one of them was a wish granted to all who looked up at the sepia-lit sky.

As I woke up this morning, the view outside my bedroom window has cajoled me to dress up in my warm coat and trainers, and get myself out on the snowy (perhaps even slippery) roads to view London in all its whiteness!

I plan to indulge myself with some winter shopping, click some pictures and be back in the duvet with lots more thoughts to pen down.

And it snowed!


I was snuggling up in my duvet, watching the cloudy sky from my window all of my morning. And I thought that in a nut-shell would describe my Saturday. Then it stretched a bit. I went on to do a light and healthy breakfast, took a long warm shower, cooked a spicy lunch with my colleagues and and just when post lunch was beginning to get drowsy and lazier, I sat upright and played a few episodes of HIMYM. However, the day’s mood had not changed much – I was still snuggling up comfortably in the my duvet! It was only around 6pm that my colleagues convinced me to step out with them.

East Ham (in East London, easy to guess I believe!) is the place to do your shopping for Indian groceries. And so that’s where we headed straight. I was happy to walk through the small aisles in this shop filled with Indian cosmetics, spices, cereals and pulses, and all the possible varieties of Priya and Mother’s Recipe pickles! I picked a few packets of spices – cinnamon sticks, grounded coriander powder, til seeds and asafoetida among some of the important ones. I also saw baskets full of Maggi there! And well, my fifteen pounds felt good.

And then it happened. Snow!

It started to excite me the minute the tiniest snowflake placed itself on my cheeks, almost like a sweet peck! As my colleagues and I finished dinner and stepped back onto the streets of East Ham, the city was beginning to get covered under a snowy white layer. The sky turned an adorable sepia and the hues were breathtaking at places with the combination of neon lights and snow’s reflection causing that vibrant mix we only see in paintings! We spent a good one hour playing about with the tiny layer of snow; but by the time we got home in Stratford we had a thicker layer of snow waiting for us.

I am so happy it snowed in London! I had been waiting for it to snow. The winter of 2011-12 has just got its meaning, for me, and I hope the day’s ahead are as white and bright as they can be!

I pulled out my camera immediately after reaching my apartment and these are some quick clicks. Enjoy these for now, while I step out to click and play a little more!