Verses of Innocence

These are some lines that I had scribbled a few years ago. I came across them as I was going through some old files. I felt I should share them with you all…

The first one was an sms reply to a friend with who I was exchanging some impromptu attempt at poetry. I tossed a few lines for him as he was struggling his way out of a bad traffic jam in Delhi…

“Listen to those birds chirping
 Even in the chaos of traffic and noise
 With your heart beating
 In rhythm, and silent poise.”

The one below was another attempt, written at one-go, to capture the emotions of love-birds separated by time and distance.

“Standing by the stream,
 He fondly looks at the kids
 As they play and scream.

 Staring at the moon,
 He wishes for the clouds
 To give way to her stars soon.

 Holding the phone,
 She hopes time stops
 To let her forever hear his joyful tone.

 Walking back to her books,
 She wonders if a miracle happens
 And she is with him too in those brooks.”

Hope you smiled, just as much as I did while reading them now!


  1. satvik says:

    So Rum, this made it to your blog finally! 🙂


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