PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday to Hampi

From Rome last week, we travel to another land standing tall in its ruins, in India for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday photo. The place holds a special place in my heart for its gorgeous views & monuments and of course, the million memories that I packed into my time there. This post is dedicated to these amazing set of friends I have, how much I adore their presence in my life and just how much I miss them here!

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as a Group of Monuments. You may read more about it here.




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The #52BlogPostsProject


When Divya’s text popped up on my phone screen, I almost had a flashback playing on a reel in my head. What she had suggested in her text was a superb idea and it made perfect sense for us to get together in this challenge. It was a thought I had once flirted with, for a brief moment but brushed it aside eventually. However, her sudden text coupled with her enthusiasm and support for me, I began to consider the possibility of embarking upon this journey she was asking of me, of both of us…

Divya’s idea was simple: Publish a post on our respective blogs once every week, for the next 52 weeks.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought to step into the New Year with? Of course, terribly daunting too!

We can find a million-and-a-one reasons for why we want to take up this challenge, but the primary reason is for us to reignite the passion for writing! And only writing can help you do that, really. Like how Liz Gilbert once said, “So if you want it to be better, then you’ve got to show up and do your part of the deal.” And that is exactly what the #52BlogPostsProject is going to be all about.

So hop along on this wonderful journey with us, as we try to show you a part of our world through these posts.

Also, allow me to introduce my amazing partner-in-writing: Divya Nawale. She has one too many feathers to her cap; multi-talented and a self-aware individual, she is an inspiration to me! Check out her blog here 🙂

How will the #52BlogPostsProject work? 

I plan to tag the title of my posts to indicate which week we are in, and hopefully that will separate my other posts with this, if I am miraculously able to write more than one post per week.

Please send in your suggestions, if any and all comments are welcome 🙂

Wish us luck, and hope you enjoy what we have to share!



Shillong Wedding!

Those small little things
Oh! What joy they really bring!

Going to places hip & happening,
And taking the autographs on a sling.

Reminiscing stories of the boys’ wings,
Ah! All those funny Whatsapp pings.

That poorest of jokes which out of nowhere springs,
That makes you laugh until tummy actually stings.

Oh oh! And when you nudge the bride to demand a diamond ring,
And the groom innocently puts on a act of poor hearing!

And of course, when two best friends decide to go bling,
They add to the party that extra zing.

Not to forget those long car drives where all loudly sing,
As phones lose network and don’t go tring-tring!

Oh! What joy it really brings,
To remember all those small little things!

At 144, Ilford

We all have a few crazy people as friends. Don’t we? And whether we like to admit it or not, the fact is we tend to enjoy their company the most, most often. Reasons for which are not difficult to fathom – craziness brings out the child in us and it feels good to get in touch with the innocence in us every once in a while.  

I have a few such crazy friends and I am quite proud of them being that way! But I realised this weekend that I have now the privilege of making that list a bit bigger, and all thanks to the new Flesh-n-Blood at Ilford. These men live their vibrant lives in 144 CityView Centreway apartments, and indulge majorly in two activities: Cooking awesome Indian food, and Ironing their washed semi-dried clothes. And that is precisely the reason they are crazy; and you will gradually know as you reach the end of this post why I call them my crazy friends.

144 is the hub of all activities and enthusiasm for me, although the inmates often like to enjoy deep slumbers even on a sunny weekend afternoon. So what if they are living in London where sunshine is a luxury, as Indians they like to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon sleeping cozily tucked inside their quilts! That is all. No more arguments taken.

However, they leave no stone unturned the moment I arrive – in pulling my leg and making me eat. I sometimes wonder if I end up a few inches taller and fatter with the amount of leg-pulling I undergo and with the amount of food I consume in the few hours that I spend here. And, that is one more indication of how all these people have slowly walked up the ladder of friendship. Every subsequent visit to 144 has turned out to be longer than the previous one in the last three months. A few hours turned into half a day, an evening turned into a full blown overnight-stay; and now almost all my weekend was spent at 144! There is more laughter, more fun, more pampering, more indulgence, more music, (will be) more wine, and a lottt more food! Being an all-guys household I do not understand how all those mouth-watering yumm-looking dishes are doled out every single night! Well, as long as they keep ’em coming, I don’t mind to be very honest.

Carefully avoiding all of the personal details of my new friends at Ilford, I’d only say:
AN is a disciplinarian who loves to pamper and pull my leg both with the characteristic straight face that he leaves you confounded often and quite effortlessly so; HRS is an obsessive neat-freak who likes to iron out creases not only on his bed-time clothes but also in everyone’s mind who steps into his home – creases of shyness, and hesitation! Poo is the ever-green Mr. Speed of the entire lot – always running about the house with a thousand things on his mind and a few of those thoughts that pour out from the sides only leave behind pearls of laughter! RK is a dad, probably the oldest among the group but when you see him trying to fiddle around a dirty bag to help choose which shoe-polish to use – the liquid one which is quicker but not good for the shoes or the cream polish which is time-taking but better for the shoes – he reminds you of a cute paranoid school going kid who’s busily readying himself for another Monday morning. And the funniest and warmest of ’em all is JD. He is a bundle of jokes and funny remarks of which all of us are equal targets and you wouldn’t realise when the target has been moved and who’s eventually laughing at who!

And all of this happens at 144 amidst cooking and ironing. Irrespective of what movies are playing on TV, which songs we are listening to, and who’s coming in and going out – the fun revolves around preparing evening tea, making chappatis, readying the curries and daals; and ironing every single piece of clothig that you can possibly lay your hands on!

So not only do we all end up having a lot of fun, we also end up coming across so utterly crazy and happy, in our own unique ways! And that is all friendships are about.