Let’s bring some Shelf-Awareness!

I drew this a couple of weeks back, in absolute disappointment because I have totally lost the habit of reading.

I sit in front of my computer all day, and scroll on my phone afterwards (not just the meaningless scrolling, but also some meaningful reading every once in a while!), but the moment it comes to flipping pages of a book that I have willingly bought, my eyelids droop immediately and take me into a deep slumber.

I bet a lot of you relate to this.

So, here’s a thought. While we self-isolate ourselves physically in light of the current worldwide circumstances , why don’t we try and isolate ourselves a little from our gadgets and try to bring an old, forgotten but much-needed habit back into our lives?

Self awareness to some (book)Shelf-awareness, perhaps?

Bring Back the Bookworm in me!