A Night To Remember

We decided to break away the home routine and organized a little date night for ourselves this Saturday night. I put on a nice dress, some lipstick; the boy combed his hair all slick 😍, and we joined for a bottle of wine at our very own dining table! 🍷

The change of pace helped take our mind off the slowness that has crept into our lives, these days. While initially we couldn’t not talk about the only hot topic around us, the wine and some Italian jazz playlist randomly found on Youtube playing in background allowed our conversation to drift towards old books, childhood stories, travel memories and so on – all those lovely things of the past.

As we stuffed ourselves with fine pizza and more wine, I began to realize that when the future looks this uncertain, it’s nice to look towards the past, relive the good times and perhaps reiterate to ourselves that “this too shall pass”.

And while we are here, I must add that the only big drawback of a date night at the dining table is having to do the dishes afterwards 🙈.

Creating Memories!


Should we try rebooting?

Reboot, restart, re-plug, reconsider, re-think, redo, re-prioritize our collective life choices?

Should we?

Let’s bring some Shelf-Awareness!

I drew this a couple of weeks back, in absolute disappointment because I have totally lost the habit of reading.

I sit in front of my computer all day, and scroll on my phone afterwards (not just the meaningless scrolling, but also some meaningful reading every once in a while!), but the moment it comes to flipping pages of a book that I have willingly bought, my eyelids droop immediately and take me into a deep slumber.

I bet a lot of you relate to this.

So, here’s a thought. While we self-isolate ourselves physically in light of the current worldwide circumstances , why don’t we try and isolate ourselves a little from our gadgets and try to bring an old, forgotten but much-needed habit back into our lives?

Self awareness to some (book)Shelf-awareness, perhaps?

Bring Back the Bookworm in me!

Order Ordeal

The dish that is a figment of my imagination, that I’m yet to discover, that I call *something interesting*, that’s almost never on any menu! #FoodOrdeal