A Night To Remember

We decided to break away the home routine and organized a little date night for ourselves this Saturday night. I put on a nice dress, some lipstick; the boy combed his hair all slick 😍, and we joined for a bottle of wine at our very own dining table! 🍷

The change of pace helped take our mind off the slowness that has crept into our lives, these days. While initially we couldn’t not talk about the only hot topic around us, the wine and some Italian jazz playlist randomly found on Youtube playing in background allowed our conversation to drift towards old books, childhood stories, travel memories and so on – all those lovely things of the past.

As we stuffed ourselves with fine pizza and more wine, I began to realize that when the future looks this uncertain, it’s nice to look towards the past, relive the good times and perhaps reiterate to ourselves that “this too shall pass”.

And while we are here, I must add that the only big drawback of a date night at the dining table is having to do the dishes afterwards 🙈.

Creating Memories!


PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To Celebrating In Style!

Who doesn’t love celebrating in style! And this week’s #throwbackthursday post is just about that!

I secretly booked a table for two at the Vertigo42 for 7pm. Nonchalantly took him up the streets, and by the time he began sustpecting, we were already there! The expression on his face – priceless!

The place offers some really good champagne & dessert options. And the view is simply gorgeous! It was one of the most memorable evenings we’ve had in London so far.

It’s all at affordable prices, good for celebratory evenings, in small groups of 4-5 people and absolutely great for the view. Check out the website: Vertigo42 for details.

It was his birthday after all!

PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To August Love!

Love is in the air!

Have you also been hearing this, lately? All #twitter contests are revolving around Valentine’s Day, the Facebook updates have started to pour in, of the plans and vacations and specials planned for the 14th! And well, it is endearing indeed. Cliched, but endearing!

And so, I have today’s #throwbackthursday post dedicated to a travel destination best synonymous with love, and only love! Here, quite literally love is all around you. Continue reading “PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To August Love!”

In Nature’s Lap

Spent a weekend away from the usual hustle-bustle of life, in nature’s lap surrounded by beauty and serenity that almost filled up my senses – like John Denver says!

Breath-taking views along with a favorably awesome weather made the trip so memorable that getting back to work – something I love again – was not enticing even a bit! The highlight of the trip to Matheran (~100kms from Bombay) was coming down the hill on a horseback! And oh, what a bumpy ride it was. But two days in a jungle, with delicious food and lots of pampering, I don’t think I should ask for more!

Why was the destination Matheran – because I love hills and valleys. I love the smell of wet red soil, I love the rays of sun shining through leaves and branches of tall trees and I absolutely love to listen to birds chirping in the quiet evenings that’s characteristic of any jungle!

If you want to know more about this wonderful place, and/or want to plan a trip – visit – Matheran!