That Christmas-y Feeling

A trip down the memory lanes of Calcutta, in India where I learnt about celebrating Christmas and what it stood for!

What’s New This Summer?

This summer season has rekindled memories and brought back an old, childhood habit.

Perils of having a good memory

Quoting my favourite, Nora Ephron, from one of her essays as a journalist : "I will tell you something else: they didn't drink wine back in the early fifties and sixties. Nobody knew about wine. I mean, someone did, obviously, but most people drank hard liquor all the way through dinner. Recently, I saw a movie in… Continue reading Perils of having a good memory

PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To ‘The Land Of Clouds’

Conversing with a tweet-friend earlier today, I was reminded of my childhood days. I spent a good ten years of that in the then Bihar, one of the eastern states in India, growing up in the wild among hills! It is an iron-ore mining township, located above and among the hills of the Bonai range. Life… Continue reading PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To ‘The Land Of Clouds’

The Wait

A girl all of fifteenSo genial and genteel,Swayed like a treeAt her favorite spot, by the sea;Her giggles filled the airWith a charm quite rare;She picked her pebblesAnd blew those soap bubbles,Which naughtily at times choseTo pop right on her nose;Those waves kissed her feetShe tasted the water, oh not-so-sweet!She wrote with her handsOn the… Continue reading The Wait