PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To August Love!

Love is in the air!

Have you also been hearing this, lately? All #twitter contests are revolving around Valentine’s Day, the Facebook updates have started to pour in, of the plans and vacations and specials planned for the 14th! And well, it is endearing indeed. Cliched, but endearing!

And so, I have today’s #throwbackthursday post dedicated to a travel destination best synonymous with love, and only love! Here, quite literally love is all around you. Continue reading “PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To August Love!”


PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday To ‘The Land Of Clouds’

Conversing with a tweet-friend earlier today, I was reminded of my childhood days. I spent a good ten years of that in the then Bihar, one of the eastern states in India, growing up in the wild among hills! It is an iron-ore mining township, located above and among the hills of the Bonai range. Life there was fun, to put it simply. And very simple too! There were two schools – if you didn’t get into one, you went to the other; one shopping centre – anything you wanted you got there; friends and classmates meant the same thing; all the roads were our playground and the big colony lived like one big family – everyone knew everyone else, sometimes even if they didn’t want to!

And today, sitting in my warm apartment on a cold winter night in London, I cannot help but feel terribly nostalgic about those ‘Wonder Years’! Sal trees, heavy rains, warm sunshine, elephants, waterfalls, picnics – things that are synonymous with my childhood. And no better day than this to dedicate my #ThrowbackThursday post to this wonderful small town called Meghahatuburu (meaning: the land of clouds), where I spent the most blissful of times!

I took this photo during my visit with my family in 2007. This is close to the guest house we stayed in, right next to the colony – of course quite away from the main road. I couldn’t resist the call of the valleys and hills!


PHOTO: #ThrowbackThursday to Venice

The cobbled streets, the souvenirs shops, the small stylish cafes lining up their wooden chairs, the hustle bustle in the by lanes, the pretty gondole and charming gondoliers – oh how much I miss my time in Venice! And dedicate my #throwbackthursday to this wonderful place where time comes to a standstill as the old meets new.

I walked all through the crowded streets, taking my time to try on the Venetian masks, capturing the domes of the churches into my camera, and listening to the water boats make a splash in the grand canal; and of course treating myself to a ride in the gondola. The romance of the place is slightly overrated, but for what it’s worth, a trip for Venice’s artistic sensibilities and sustenance in the modern times will not disappoint you!


Weather Lessons

London is known for it’s moody weather! I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said London changes its mood faster than a woman does. Since I have been here, I have tried not to get surprised by a sunny Saturday followed by a sodden Sunday; a windy Wednesday and thundering Thursday. It’s a part of every Londoner’s life!
However, small glimpses like these, of the moon, of blue skies, or of the sunshine on streets and greener lawns make you appreciate the good side of nature even more!
Every sunny day is like a festival here, cheerful and chirpy! And it reminds me that it doesn’t take a lot to be happy! I couldn’t be more grateful about the little things in life that actually make it more meaningful!

In Nature’s Lap

Spent a weekend away from the usual hustle-bustle of life, in nature’s lap surrounded by beauty and serenity that almost filled up my senses – like John Denver says!

Breath-taking views along with a favorably awesome weather made the trip so memorable that getting back to work – something I love again – was not enticing even a bit! The highlight of the trip to Matheran (~100kms from Bombay) was coming down the hill on a horseback! And oh, what a bumpy ride it was. But two days in a jungle, with delicious food and lots of pampering, I don’t think I should ask for more!

Why was the destination Matheran – because I love hills and valleys. I love the smell of wet red soil, I love the rays of sun shining through leaves and branches of tall trees and I absolutely love to listen to birds chirping in the quiet evenings that’s characteristic of any jungle!

If you want to know more about this wonderful place, and/or want to plan a trip – visit – Matheran!